Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Honoring a fine young man from Frankfort

Travis Clark, the son of Steve and Susan Clark, is now serving with the Marines in Iraq.
I've known his mom and dad for several years.  Steve is a firefighter and Susan's a nurse, so he comes by his attitude toward public service from influences at home, seems to me.
Travis was recently promoted to corporal and here's a picture from the ceremony.  Travis is the tall young man with the sunglasses to the right of the officer wearing the shoulder holster rig -

At a time when so many of the young people in this country don't have a clue what's going on in the world, don't think critically and don't have any love for their country I am thrilled to see an superlative young man like Travis volunteering to go into harm's way to serve his nation and defend us from a merciless and implacable enemy.

From an guy who's slowing down and getting creaky but was once upon a time a strac young Sgt. E-5 in the US Army, let me say to this young Marine -

As long as young men such as Travis choose to serve their nation there's still hope for our future.

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