Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yet another blog?

There were things that I wanted to say about my home town of Frankfort, Kentucky that didn't fit into the context of the "Bloggo The Dog Boy" blog and were much more focussed on local events.
So now, yet another self-indulgent web page cluttering up cyberspace.
But I gots things to say 'bout Frankfort and the folks in it, so here we be.
Pour a drink, pull up a chair and kick back for some musin' and reminiscin' about the Bluegrass and the folks in it, strickly from my point of view.
I'm likely to piss off some people but that's what's fun, ain't it? Poking wasps' nests and seein' who gets stung, n' who gets away?

Stay tuned!

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